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Basic Moods of Life — As humans we are always in the grip of one mood or another. Whichever the mood it dictates how we observe our world. This video introduces *Six Basic Moods of Life* along with an artistic description of each.
Delegation Demystified (2013-02-11 Webinar Recording) — Learn why delegation is much more than handing out tasks to whoever is available. Find out *how to be sure* the other person has a full understanding of what you need done.
Dangerous Language — The primary focus of activity within a workplace is towards getting things done. One of the factors contributing to success in this area is the use of language to coordinate action between employees.

We tread a dangerous path when we fail to understand how "sloppy requests" and "slippery promises" negatively effect the efficiency of a workplace. This is a material issue and lies at the heart of people understanding one another.

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